Welcome to Black Coppice Films. My name is Chris Sanders. I'm the writer, director and producer  behind the company. Below you'll find more information about our film projects. I hope you enjoy. 


A former soldier of fortune is blackmailed by a ruthless Turkish gang into tracking down a missing female drug mule named Rojan. MI5 and the Russian secret service are also on her trail, desperate to get their hands on a piece of microfilm that has been planted inside Rojan’s drug stash. A deadly chase soon ensues across London.

The Poe Hustle



The Poe Hustle is a light-hearted drama following the misadventures of an alcoholic gambler, two smart con-artists and a rare first-edition book by Edgar Allen Poe. Shot on location in central London, the Mr Poe project is being funded through the help of Indiegogo and members of the public. You can help by just telling your friends and relatives about our project. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. We look forward to your support.

She Summoned Him

She Summoned Him is a short horror film about a female journalist who finds herself interviewing a strange guest at a local hotel. As the interview progresses the interviewee begins to reveal a deadly secret...