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Demons At Dawn

Demons At Dawn follows a retired hitman who is blackmailed into taking one last job. During his mission, he uncovers an elite Satanic cult that use human sacrifice to summon Demons.

The Films

Hi, my name is Chris Sanders. I'm the founder and CEO of Black Coppice Films Ltd in the UK. I have written, produced and acted in four feature-length horror films to date. They are Nest of Vampires, Werewolf Cabal, Demons At Dawn and The Haunted Studio. My fifth feature is in pre-production. It's a classic rural horror movie called Bring Me A Skin for Dancing In. I have written, produced and acted in several short horror films too. 


The Haunted Studio stars Bai Ling from the original Crow movie. My previous horror movie Demons At Dawn stars John Altman from American Werewolf in London and Eastenders fame.



I shall leave the link below to my IMDB PRO page where you will be able to view the cast and crew involved in each feature.

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