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Chris Sanders is an actor, author, filmmaker and optioned screenwriter. His first novel The Thief’s Son became a Kindle bestseller in 2012. It was consequently read by Weiwei Si who worked as one of the assistant directors on Skyfall the James Bond film. They became friends and collaborated on a screenplay about the World War Two spy Robert Van Gulik. 

Chris then went on to play twin gangsters in the independent thriller Agent Kelly which was shot in Andalucia, Spain in 2017 with Raya films. Returning from the shoot, Chris started work on his own feature-length screenplay called Rojan.

Having always wanted to write and direct a horror film, Chris consequently penned the script for She Summoned Him during the summer of 2018. The film was consequently shot on December 2018. Chris has since written, directed and produced three more short films. These are The Curse of La Quintrala, The Redemption of Harry DaY and The Haunted Couple.


Chris is currently in post-production for his first feature-length horror film called Nest of Vampires starring Frank Jakeman from Game of Thrones.

My Favourite Film!




The Third Man has always been my favourite film! Growing up, I always loved watching old noir movies and The Third Man is , in my opinion, the best of the lot. Orson Welles plays the Harry Lime character beautifully. 

My Favourite Horror Film!

Although the critics will disagree with me, I feel Tyburn's 1975 production of The Ghoul is still one of the best Horror films to have been produced during that era. Perhaps I'm being sentimental, but the Ghoul boasts all the ingrediants which go to make a classic horror film.    

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